Investing in the Future

IBT is indebted to generous federal, state and industrial support, providing us with a strong foundation to build upon.  However, our cutting edge and non-conventional research and development platform requires external funding to seed new ideas that will transform how we think of today’s problems and tomorrow’s solutions.

To help us continue making medical breakthroughs, we depend on your philanthropic support as we forge ahead to the next frontier of scientific discovery.

Where Our Funding Goes

  • Recruit additional faculty members to join the USC Institute for Biomedical Therapeutics team and exponentially speed up the rate of discovery and direct clinical applications
  • Provide innovation funds to foster new untested but promising avenues of investigation
  • Establish a uniquely interdisciplinary PhD program to train students who will be fearless in the pursuit of new strategies to address currently intractable conditions.

To inquire about a gift please contact:

PHONE    323-865-3937    FAX    323-865-0342

OR  send donations to:

1450 San Pablo St., Room 6525, Los Angeles, CA 90033

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