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Paul Thompson, PhD

Division: affiliated-faculty

Professor of Ophthalmology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Pediatrics, and Biomedical Engineering; Associate Director, USC Institute for Neuroimaging and Informatics

Research Interests:

For over 20 years, Dr. Paul Thompson and his team of collaborators have been pioneering the field of brain imaging. Dr. Paul Thompson directs the ENIGMA Consortium, a global alliance of 307 scientists in 33 countries who conduct the largest studies of 10 major brain diseases, ranging from schizophrenia, depression, ADHD, bipolar illness and OCD, to HIV and the effects of addictions on the brain. ENIGMA’s genomic screens of more than 31,000 people’s brain scans and genome-wide data have brought together experts from 185 institutions to unearth genetic variants that affect brain structure, disease risk, and brain connectivity. Dr. Thompson will initiate studies involving ocular imaging, brain imaging, genetics, brain development particularly as it relates to amblyopia and other eye diseases.


Dr. Paul Thompson graduated from Oxford University, England with a B.A and M.A. in mathematics. He then earned a PhD in neuroscience at the Brain Research institute, Division of Brain Mapping and laboratory of Neuro Imaging, UCLA. Dr. Thompson has over 600 hundred publications, receiving numerous awards and honors. He has served as Associated Editor of several academic journals such as, Human Brain Mapping, NeuroImag and Transactions on Medical Imaging. He was also elected to the prestigious American Neurological Association in 2007.

List of Publications:


  • PhD, UCLA, 1993-1998

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