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Welcome to the Translational Research In Vivo Core Facility, a center dedicated to state-of-the-art research. The facility is located in the DVRC basement , an AAALAC-accredited space containing equipment specialized for in-vivo research. The facility has more than 12,000 sq. ft. and includes dedicated procedure rooms. Two full-time technicians are available to assist researchers with procedures and equipment operation. A third technician is available to process tissue for histological analysis.

As we strive to develop treatments to meet the unmet medical needs of our patients, translational research is essential to turning ideas from the bench top into reality. The Translational In Vivo Core Facility, a center dedicated to research, is critical to enabling this vision especially as it pertains to medical devices. The Translational In Vivo Core Facility gives investigators access to technicians and a wide-range of instrumentation. We are dedicated to providing state-of the Art equipment and services that would help advance translational research initiatives.

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USC IBT Policy and Guidelines


Contact Information

Translational In Vivo Core Facility Core Manager
Debbie Mitra, PhD
Assistant Professor of Research
USC Roski Eye Institute
Director of Science and Tech.
USC Institute for Biomedical Therapeutics
CPCB Project Manager
1450 San Pablo Street, 6th Floor
Rm 6525
Los Angeles, CA 90033
P: 323-865-0342